June 14, 2009


With acrylics...


  1. Love those beautiful strokes you have used for sky. Its really a real nice creation. Never knew abt ur painting skills.

  2. Thanks Nithya, yeah i love them too, not quite happy with other strokes thought ;)
    And if u didn't know that i paint, you gotta know me better babes ;) heee heee

  3. yesssss............
    i liked this one too......
    I like the combination of black and white with blue.........
    it looks divine....

  4. i knew u r a good painter,but now i realized u r acompetative cloass artist.

  5. # chahna
    Thanks re, now you see what do i do in my spare time? ;)

    # papa
    thanks papa, its a great pleasant surprise to see you checked my blog n commented, thanks a lot.

  6. yaar lopa...this is suppper. Afarin, Afarin.

  7. I think some one should change her blog name..
    I try?come on now!!

  8. # dhara

    thankoo thankoo ;)

    # nameera

    thanks re, that's nice of you....
    but believe me name is so true, the day some one will feel someone is not trying... someone will change it ;)

  9. Your painting are beautiful.. I liked that you have the paintings from your 5th standard.. I will also keep a note to save the paintings my son is making.. Thanks for the visit to my blog, hope to see u again.. Thanks!!

  10. Wow Lopa! I just found this blog and your paintings are so pretty! What a talented woman!

  11. # Geotacs

    Thanks :) Those encouraging words means a lot to me :)

    # Swatantra

    Yes, I love painting... It has been stress relieving for me since i was a kid. :)

  12. # Lizzy

    Thanks Lizzy.... know what? I am starting with a painting course from this monday, i am so excited about it, though a little worried what if instructor speaks only in dutch, and every now and then i have to request if he/she can speak in english too for me :(

  13. Goodness, I love your paintings! This one is very nice. The scene is quite romantic too... :)

  14. # Print Postcards

    Thanks for the compliment :)
    I clicked on your site... what it is about?

  15. First time I visited this blog and saw your paintings. I think you deserve full appreciation for your art work.

    After seeing your paintings, I feel like you are in wrong line. Perhaps you should take your art more seriously and seriously consider about doing it professionally. You will rack millions.

    My late father was also a good painter. He had done lot of good sketches. But in his days, it was not considered as great profession. He had made one amazing sketch of Raj kapoor and I think if Raj kapoor had seen it he would have also appreciated it.

    Anyways, no need for me to get senti. you keep up the good work and best wishes that you excel in this arena.

  16. Thanks a lot kunal,
    I really appreciate you visiting my blog and commenting...
    I do think in future i may take it more seriously, and I am already starting to work towards it... wish me luck :)
    Thanks again for all those good words !

  17. Hi lopa,

    I had the same template last time which i changed to current one.

    Reminds me of those days when i liked it very much and still i like it one way :)

    I was a good at painting( should call it drawings) till my 9th standard and then my interest varied and i lost the touch.

    I saw almost all the paintings u have posted and all are really beautiful and i appreciate your attempt at painting..

    Keep painting :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  18. I am not able to comment at other blog of yours..may be bcuz i am in office right now :)

  19. @ Mahesh Sindbandge

    Yeah, i know you had a same template and so earlier when i had visited your blog for an instant i was illusionized whether i clicked my own blog or not, but offcourse not as you write and i paint :)
    I loved this one as i felt it more going with my painting theme :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting !

  20. Hmmm :) Keep in touch :) You never know, my stories might need your picture sometime.. :P

  21. @ Mahesh Sindbandge

    Hehehe, Thanks Mahesh.
    That's a great idea, Joint venture huh? ;)

  22. WOW! this painting is really beautiful. i was spell bounded the first time i entered this blog.

  23. Thanks @Irtiza104

    Painting is my passion since i was in school and you can't imagine how much this means to me, encouraging words from someone who stopped by here.
    Thanks :)