February 6, 2010

A Painting which couldn't make to Oils !

This was supposed to be my first Oil Painting, but it got lucky, got a chance to be displayed in Exposition even though wasn't complete... !
(About which i have written more in details, HERE )
For now my first Oil painting has to wait !
And yes, you can check more about the Expositie HERE , on Ruud's website.


  1. Lopa, Congratulations!!!!!

    You did a marvelous job. Actually, all of your work is very inspiring. I have immense respect for people who do what they have interest and passion for. VERY well done for a beginner. Look forward to more of your paintings :)

  2. @ Efrutik

    Thanks Efrutik,
    That's really a compliment and one of a kind i have ever got !
    Thanks a lot for that :)

    Right now i am working on 3 Paintings... one which will be my first oil painting, a small one... Other two are with Acrylics, If turns out satisfactory then one will go to our hall and one to Bedroom wall :)